Bäsle & Constanze

literary fashion show

a literary fashion show: Loredana Gelli’s transforming dresses and Mozart’s letters
as a part of Spunicunifait (letto – fatto): show room, workshops and events for a conscious conservation of artistical, handcrafted and cultural goods
concept, artistic direction
performing Roberta Cortese and Franca Penone

18.11.-24.12.2011 at Lacca Lab, Turin: showroom with local brands of arts and crafts, workshops of ceramics and mobiles

other readings:
Gianni Rodari to Don Julio Einaudi, Hidalgo editorial, with Francesca Porrini and automatons by Michelangelo Fornaro
Santa Claus’ letters by J.R.R. Tolkien, with former actors from Melevisione’s (Italian children TV-show)

Satyrikon and Lacca – online booklet