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I’m an all-round artist, a cultural operator and mediator. I create cultural valuable content and convey it through an artistic format – the more hybrid the better. I write, translate, design, direct, perform – and mediate. I run my own projects within Satyrikon, the constants of my works being a deep connection to music as poetry, as addressing issues from an explicitly female perspective. I never lost my old passion for Ancient Greek myths and motifs and I’m reviving it with Odysseiai,, a research on a feminine plural of voices on and within the Odyssey leading to different projects.

Right below is a biography in English, Italian and German; attached to it is my cv as a performer; in the “projects” section of this website an archive of my own performative projects and a list of the texts I have written or translated.

 photo © Larry.RR.Williams


Born 1970 in Turin and based in Vienna, Roberta Cortese studied Arts, Music and Drama at the University of Turin, operatic singing in Turin and Vienna and developed there as an actress within the company of the Burgtheater of the Peymann’s era. In those years she also worked at Volkstheater Vienna, Schauspielhaus Graz and in the Viennese off-scene, a.o. with directors such as Einar Schleef, Dimiter Gotscheff, Arie Zinger, Philip Tiedemann, Markus Kupferblum, Michael Scheidl.

In 2001 she went back to Italy, where up to 2015 she performed in contemporary plays, mostly with music: at TST, TPE, Teatro Regio in Turin, Teatro Due in Parma, Teatro dell’Acquario Cosenza, Festival delle Colline Torinesi and Spoleto Festival. There she worked with directors Davide Livermore, Walter Le Moli, Lorenzo Fontana, with musicians Andrea Chenna, Marcello Fera, Fabio Biondi, with artist Marzia Migliora and the multimedia studio MyBossWas.

From 2002 to 2008 she was also Dramaturgin of the co-founded CineTeatro Baretti in Turin (dir. Davide Livermore), where she started to write and translate theatre plays. She worked as an opera director, too (a.o. at Piccolo Regio Puccini in Turin and at Teatro Rendano in Cosenza), then 2009 she founded the association Satyrikon, with which since then she runs her own projects. In Italy she contributed to the staging of several premieres by foreign authors, above all Elfriede Jelinek.

Since 2015 she lives in Vienna again, acting nevertheless further over borders. She worked a.o. with Christoph Marthaler, Laura Mello, echoraum, Kabinetttheater, TheaterArche; since 2019 repeatedly with sirene Operntheater. Currently, she’s working on a movie project with Turin-based studio MyBossWas and on several cultural projects with the studio toikoi in Vienna.

Nata nel 1970 a Torino e attiva a Vienna, Roberta Cortese studia Materie Letterarie con Indirizzo Artistico all’Università di Torino e canto lirico a Torino e a Vienna, dove si forma come attrice nella compagnia del Burgtheater dell’era Peymann. In quegli anni lavora anche al Volkstheater di Vienna, al Schauspielhaus di Graz e nella scena-off viennese, con registi come Einar Schleef, Dimiter Gotscheff, Arie Zinger, Philip Tiedemann, Markus Kupferblum, Michael Scheidl.

Nel 2001 torna in Italia, dove fino al 2015 lavora in produzioni di teatro contemporaneo, spesso musicale: al TST, TPE, Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Due di Parma, Teatro dell’Acquario di Cosenza, al Festiva delle Colline Torinesi e al Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto. Collabora coi registi Davide Livermore, Walter Le Moli, Lorenzo Fontana, i musicisti Andrea Chenna, Marcello Fera, Fabio Biondi, l’artista Marzia Migliora e lo studio MyBossWas.

Dal 2002 al 2008 è Dramaturgin del CineTeatro Baretti di Torino, da lei co-fondato e diretto da Davide Livermore, dove avvia la sua attività di autrice e traduttrice. Per un periodo lavora come regista lirica (fra gli altri al Piccolo Regio Puccini di Torino e al Teatro Rendano di Cosenza), poi nel 2009 fonda l’associazione Satyrikon, con cui da allora si dedica a progetti propri. In Italia ha contribuito alla realizzazione di numerose prime di autori stranieri, prima fra tutti Elfriede Jelinek.

Dal 2015 vive di nuovo a Vienna e continua a operare a cavallo tra i confini. Ha lavorato tra gli altri con Christoph Marthaler, MyBossWas, Laura Mello, echoraum, Kabinetttheater, TheaterArche; dal 2019 di frequente col sirene Operntheater. Attualmente sta elaborando un progetto filmico con lo studio torinese MyBossWas e lavora a progetti culturali con lo studio toikoi di Vienna.

1970 in Turin geboren und Wahlwienerin, Roberta Cortese studierte Musik- und Theaterwissenschaft in Turin, Operngesang in Turin und Wien und entwickelte sich im Burgtheater-Ensemble der Peymann-Ära zur Schauspielerin. In den Jahren wirkte sie auch an Volkstheater Wien, Schauspielhaus Graz sowie in der Wiener freien Szene, u. a. mit Regisseuren wie Einar Schleef, Dimiter Gotscheff, Arie Zinger, Philip Tiedemann, Markus Kupferblum, Michael Scheidl.

2001 kehrte sie nach Italien zurück und wirkte bis 2015 in Produktionen zeitgenössischer Dramatik, oft mit Musik: am TST, TPE, Teatro Regio, in Turin, Teatro Due Parma, Teatro dell’Acquario Cosenza sowie beim Festival delle Colline Torinesi und Spoleto Festival. Mit Regisseuren wie Davide Livermore, Walter Le Moli, Lorenzo Fontana, mit Musikern wie Andrea Chenna, Marcello Fera, Fabio Biondi, mit Künstlerin Marzia Migliora und dem Studio MyBossWas.

Von 2002 bis 2008 war sie Dramaturgin des von ihr mitbegründete CineTeatro Baretti in Turin (Leitung Davide Livermore) wo sie begann, als Autorin und Übersetzerin zu wirken. Eine Zeit lang als Opernregisseurin tätig (u.a. am Piccolo Regio Puccini in Turin und Teatro Rendano in Cosenza), 2009 gründete sie den Verein Satyrikon, mit dem sie seitdem ihre eigenen Projekten umsetzt. In Italien trägte sie vielen Premieren fremder Autoren dazu bei, vor allem Elfriede Jelinek.

Seit 2015 lebt sie wieder in Wien, arbeitet jedoch weiterhin über die Grenzen. Sie wirkte u. a. mit Christoph Marthaler, MyBossWas, Laura Mello, echoraum, Kabinetttheater, TheaterArche; seit 2019 immer wieder mit sirene Operntheaters. Aktuell arbeitet sie an einem Filmprojekt mit dem Turiner Studio MyBossWas und an kulturellen Projekten mit dem Studio toikoi in Wien.