The most part of my work has always had to do with cultural mediation in a way or another. When in 2003 I started as the Hausdramaturgin of the CineTeatro Baretti in Turin I had some pretty big tasks set already: let an Italian audience enjoy some premieres of foreign authors, whom I often translated from German, English (Spanish once); bond ties with the Vietnamese community in Turin, with which we realized exchange events; compose the programme booklets, providing the audience with some tools for a better understanding of the plays.

This urge to share some hidden treasures from ‘distant’ cultures (never mind if the distance is in kms, years or mindset) and to find ‘bridges’ to them pervades since then all my projects, be they performances or paintings – from staging Elfriede Jelinek in Italian to paint a modern Penthesilea on canvas. Recently though, I started acting directly in the field of cultural mediation – i.e. Kulturvermittlung in the German-speaking area. In 2021, I completed an apprenticeship and some beautiful cooperation have already come up, as with the studio toikoi_erzählende träume, the Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz, the TheaterArche or the organic oriented firm Sonnentor (not included in the portfolio).