Scilla a Scilla



Text, Video, Voice: Roberta Cortese
Translation in Reggino dialect (Reggio Calabria): Vincenza Costantino
© all rights reserved
Scilla, August 2021

In the Odyssey, Scylla is a monster with six long necks and dog’s heads, each with a triple row of teeth. Together with the whirlpool Charybdis, which swallows and spits out water three times a day, she is a threat to anyone wishing to cross the strait – and indeed Odysseus loses six men there. Homer, however, does not mention that Scylla was once a beautiful nymph, transformed into a monster by Circe’s jealousy. The town of Scilla in Calabria, together with Capo Peloro in Sicily (where Charybdis was supposed to be), marks today the Strait of Messina.