Zeitleiste NS in der Steiermark

cultural mediation / video

In the last months I’ve been working together with the studio toikoi _ telling spaces on media supporting the exhibition – also designed by toikoi – Warum? Der Nationalsozialismus in der Steiermark (Why? National Socialism in Styria) at the Museum für Geschichte / Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz. I joined as a director in toikoi’s video-interviews to the team behind the exhibition, though my main task was a video-timeline of Nazism in Styria, following the unfolding of the events in the region in relation to the world-timeline.

Since this exhibition was conceived mainly for students, I decided to work on a mapping approach which could already be familiar to a young audience: that of a “Crazy Wall” or “Evidence Board” as in crime movies. Information and archival material have been conveyed as elements of an investigation, the camera exploring surfaces on which notes and photos have been placed and where strings connect events and images – thus the story is easy learned and kept in mind. The video is intended not only as an introduction to the exhibition itself, but also as a way to highlight the exciting research work behind it – also as an incentive for possible future study paths.

The video credits follow, with many thanks to my fellow artists mentioned therein, to the museum’s director Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen, Heribert Macher-Kroisenbrunner from CLIO and a special one to the mind and soul behind toikoi, Chiara Riccardi.

Contents: CLIO – Verein für Geschichts- und Bildungsarbeit
Concept, Realization, Direction: Roberta Cortese
Reprography: Larry RR. Williams
Motion Design: Matteo Guerra
Music: Andrea Chenna