a Chiyo-ni [ series ]

books / drawings
7 disegni per 28 haiku

An autobiographical series of drawings made with colour pencils and ink on washi paper. They are dedicated to haiku master Chiyo-ni (1703-1775) and portray different objects of my life in real size, together with a stylised (and growing-up) me. Each drawing is underlined by 4 haikus by Chiyo-ni in my translation and reflects a 7 year cycle of my life, while the 4 haiku, one per season, reflect one year by Chiyo-ni.

(1 year / 4 haikus) : Chiyo-ni =
(1 drawing / 7 years) : myself

In the journal section you can read an introduction to Chiyo-ni and my work, or my Italian metrical translation of the haiku.