Xènai [ series ]


Xénai is a project about extraneity and about the possibility to find affinities in it. Moving from classic literary feminine figures who has been marked as “foreigners”, I’m trying to elude any cliché they could represent, highlighting instead those elements that can bring them closer. Of course, it also concerns the status of women in History and some things which still didn’t change about it. And it’s about victim complex and truly being a victim. And about Beauty.

Xénai, ξέναι, is feminine plural adjective/noun for “foreign, strange” (ξένος, xénos) in Ancient Greek, this word giving the title to the project because I’m starting from figures foreign even to the Greek world:

Kassandra. Turkey, 2015
Penthesilea. Kurdistan, 2016
Medea. Stateless, 2016
All paintings: oil on canvas, 50 x 30 cm

For more information about backgrounds see single posts on Kassandra, Penthesilea and Medea.